Pan fried garbanzo beans, baby spinach and tortilla

cajun chickpea wraps

Pan fried garbanzo beans, baby spinach and tortilla

This recipe is another result of my vegetarian experimentation in the kitchen. I’ve been curious about chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) for some time now, so I decided to see what kind of meal I could make out of them with what I had in the fridge.

What’s awesome about chickpeas is that they’re great for adding oomph to a meal without accruing the guilt that’s been creeping up on me lately when I cheat and eat meat. These beans are also high in protein/nutrients and low in fat, as well as being super versatile. Chickpeas can be used in salads, curried, roasted to make snacks, used in casseroles and soups and the list goes on.

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Vegan Veggies and White Rice with Fish

vegetable sauté with fish

Fish, vegan veggies and white rice

So I’m aware that you can’t claim to be just a little bit vegan or vegetarian, in the same way you can’t have just a touch of AIDS, but…this dinner recipe does kind of fit the description. I’m currently trying to transition to a diet with less meat, and the number one tip I’ve found for transitioning meat lovers is moderation. So instead of cutting off meat altogether, I’m trying to part ways with it gently.

I made this vegetable sauté for dinner the other night, and while I would normally make about three fish fillets to go along with it (I like leftovers), I kept the golden rule of moderation in mind and stuck with just one. If you want to keep this recipe strictly vegan, just omit the fish. Continue reading “vegetable sauté with fish”