Dance Beyonce Hip Hop Choreography

“yonce” choreographed by kyle hanagami

Behold, two of Glitter Brains’ favorite things at once: Beyonce and dance choreography. 😍

The choreography is phenomenal. It’s intricate and sharp, yet has somehow has slow moments of relaxation laced in — and it all works together to create the kind of piece every dancer wants to learn (if, you know, hip hop is their fancy). Watch out for the floor work at 30 seconds. It’s to die for.

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blackfish documentary film

“blackfish” is the best documentary i’ve seen all year

blackfish documentary film

Elephants in circus acts, lobotomies on the mentally ill, open heart surgeries performed on infants: It’s easy for people to look back on the past and call the collective actions of a society barbaric. Hindsight is everything, as they say, but what about when it comes to critiquing the here and now?

“Blackfish,” a documentary released earlier this year, seeks to do just that. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite delves into the seemingly family-friendly enterprise of SeaWorld and its celebrated whale shows, and what she finds is a shockingly dark realm of misinformation and cover-ups.

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royals contemporary dance choreography

top 5 choreography videos to “royals” by lorde

Because my bones have been craving a dance class lately, here are some choreography videos to “Royals” by Lorde. I instantly liked this song, and not only because it’s insanely catchy. I knew that this is what would come of it in the dance world, because it’s got a sound that could go with a lot of different styles of dance. These videos I’m obsessed with are mostly contemporary or hip-hop, go figure.

This one is my favorite! YouTube commenters seem to love the girl in the pink shorts, but I’m championing the girl to her right in the light pink/white top. I feel like even though she stumbles on choreography at one point, there is a different quality to her moves that I really like.

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Lorde Royals music video still

royals | lorde

Lorde Royals music video still

Gabriel introduced me to this video by letting me know that he had found my new favorite song, and he was…absolutely correct (it pains me to admit that his music predictions for me are always spot on). “Royals” by Lorde is like cotton candy to my ears.

The lyrics remind me of being 15, hanging around aimlessly at public bus stations and spending my last few dollars on grubby Chinese buffets. It’s a sassy song and, as Gabe put it, “an ode to middle class suburbia.

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still from whip my hair dance choreography

“whip my hair” | dejan tubic

still from whip my hair dance choreography

I want that girl’s outfit. Those shorts are the perfect amount of slouchy and hello?! Gimme dat crop top.

I’m a big fan of the brand of choreography that sassy gay men are known for, and this dance is nothing if not sassy and sexy. The choreographer’s name is Dejan Tubic, and he’s kind of a sensation over on Youtube. It would be pretty damn dope to take a class from him!

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