Black style blogger collage outfits

outfit roundup

Black style blogger collage outfits

These are some outfits I wore in the second half of 2014. I’ve decided to share my outfits in roundups rather than individual posts from now on because I feel like it gives a better idea of what my personal style is, rather than just a single photograph at a time. IDK. That’s my logic, and I’m sticking to it. These were some of my favorites from the past few months. Shout out to buns, velvet and things that aren’t pants. You made this all possible.

Black girl 90s fashion style blogger

Outfit #1 | July 7, 2014: This is an outfit I like to call “Carrie Bradshaw Season 1.” Last summer I rewatched Sex and the City from the very start, which was very inspiring in a 90s kind of way. When I found this tight, strapless, midi-length dress I just knew it was for me. It screaaaaams Carrie. I can see her wearing something like this with a pair of low heels and wild hair everywhere, but I took it into my own direction with strappy sandals and the double buns (a look I love for its simplicity and its cuteness). I finished the look with a thick, gold chain.

Black girl plaid fashion style blogger

Outfit #2 | September 30, 2014: This is an outfit I wore at the beginning of fall semester (my last semester in college!). I was recovering from a surgery that left me pretty weak for a while, so I was into wearing things that didn’t take too much thought. My black leggings, “Obama’s in the House” tee and super soft flannel shirt were a no-brainer. The black ankle boots, which cost $5 from Goodwill, kept the look from being too casual for my taste.

Black girl fashion style blogger

Outfit #3 | October 11, 2014: If I remember correctly, I based this entire outfit around the shoes because I wanted an excuse to wear them. They’re another Goodwill find. When can you ever go wrong with embroidered platform sandals? (Haha. Trick question. It could actually go wrong very easily.) I’m wearing a black velvet skater skirt with a striped top. I like that the top has a pop of color around the collar, and the back is actually a block of bright green. I was going for moody in the face with the dark plum lipstick, of course.

Black blogger fashion personal style

Outfit #4 | October 12, 2014: I’ve got the classic “Alex Bun” going on in this photo. I was milking the very last of Colorado’s warmth with this black velvet crop top. I paired it with a pair of light blue Levi’s and studded flats from Nine West. When I cuffed the ankles of the jeans is when this outfit really came together! It’s the littlest things that make a difference. I wore this with a metallic gold tote from Coach, which I used as my book bag for school.

Black blogger fashion style

Outfit #5 | October 13, 2014: I was clearly feeling myself this day. The skirt is actually a dress, which I was tired of wearing in the same old way I always do. So I threw a Liz Claiborne sweater over it, and I used an elastic hair tie in the back to turn it into a sort of crop that would let the skirt of the dress flow freely. Don’t worry, it didn’t look ratchet at all, I tied it in a way that made it look artistically swoop-y. I used some striped socks and wedges to bring together the brown and turquoise of the outfit (the socks had thin, blue lines on them). I finished everything off with a dab of glamour in the form of my favorite statement necklace. #winning


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