Willow Smith new music.

“your love V2” x willow smith

ME: Hey, want to hear Willow Smith’s new song?


ME: ….Are you sure about that?

If your only interaction with Willow Smith’s music was back in 2010, when she released the grating single “Whip My Hair,” then I wouldn’t blame you for having the same reaction as my roommates when I invited them to listen to one of her newest releases. Nobody wants to listen to a small child raised by celebrities telling them to “pay no attention to the haters.”

Here’s the thing, though: The song is good. Really good.

“Your Love V2,” released on Smith’s SoundCloud stream, has a dark charm to it. My first reaction was that it reminded me of CocoRosie—a band I love for their ability to make music that is haunting and sometimes creepy. “Your Love V2” isn’t necessarily creepy, but it does have a surprising amount of broken-down soul for a 13-year-old. The beat is sampled from a song by The xx, and it leaves me in awe that someone 11 years my junior can make me feel so uncool.

Wait….Is this just a taste of the future? Will teenagers just continue to get edgier and more sophisticated while I age into an unstylish blob that wears mom jeans and listens to Celine Dion?


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