Metallic bodysuit, pencil skirt

style in review: january—june 2014

OK, so I realize that the last time I made a personal style post it was almost Christmas. Of last year. That’s because right after making that post, I started my position as the news editor at my campus newspaper and that was really crazy for a lot of reasons I won’t go into. I kept expecting my workload to let up at some point, but it never did. I thought I might find a rhythm, but that never happened either.

Um and then I applied to become editor-in-chief (and got it!), and my whole life exploded. Needless to say, blogging was about the last thing on my mind. Here are some of the clothes I wore from January-June of this year. haha.

Crop tops, stripes and flannel

Outfit #1: Cropped long-sleeve tops are one my favorite recent trends. I bought a bunch in January, and then waited impatiently until it was warm enough to whip them out. I like this outfit because there are two patterns that could clash—if they weren’t both black and white. Monochromatic, ftw.

Outfit #2: First of all, that doilied denim jacket? Was only $0.69. Yup. Also, this is the only time I was able to wear that pair of shorts because after I washed them, they showed a little too much cheek for my liking. RIP.

Outfit #3: This was during finals week, so I was in full-on comfort mode. I bought those pants to make high-waisted shorts with, but they ended up being so comfortable that I kept them as is lol. To complete the laziness, I wore my softest flannel sweatshirt and threw my hair under a head wrap.

Little black dress, suspenders

Outfit: I went for a simple, all black look to go out to the bar with my boyfriend. My dress and necklace are thrifted, and I love my shoes. I never wear them, but I like the shape of the shoe a lot. My hair was a bantu knot-out that I didn’t separate very much, so the curls stayed super defined and wavy. And Gabe wore his suspenders. 🙂

Metallic bodysuit, pencil skirt

Outfit: I love this picture! These are some of my closest girlfriends, and don’t we look fly? I wore a metallic bodysuit from American Apparel with a red pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe. My necklace and ring are thrifted, and of course I’m wearing my sparkly heels because I was in a “loud” mood that night. I need an excuse to repeat this outfit.

Floral headband, maxi skirt, bow

Outfit #1: This is a selfie I took in the bathroom at a very fancy wedding. I wore low, nude heels with this dress, and the floral headband is from Rue 21. I didn’t take a picture of the entire outfit (my bad). I was having too much fun with the combination of free cake, booze and an open dance floor. #sorrynotsorry

Outfit #2: I felt like a hip Heidi in this outfit, lol. I wore this to my first day of summer work at a clothing store in the local area. My maxi skirt is thrifted, other than that there isn’t much to say about this because it’s pretty simple. I’m wearing my studded flats from Nine West.

Outfit #3: Date night! I wore this to a movie and dinner with my boo. I like pairing something more feminine—like a lacy, teal dress—with masculine pieces like my leather jacket and combat boots. I feel like the bow keeps it cute and sweet.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! What are some trends you’ve been getting into this summer? Share with me. I want to knooooooow.


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