mash up of thrifted clothes shoes and bags

thrift haul october 2013

mash up of thrifted clothes shoes and bags

Welcome to a thrift haul from when I went shopping a few weeks ago! I love going to this particular store around Halloween because I’ve noticed that they save all of their best pieces for this time of year. I went on a Saturday when there were four different colored tags that were half-off, so nothing I ended up purchasing was even over $4. Can you say score?! I had a cart overflowing with shoes, bags and one-of-a-kind clothing by the time I got to the dressing rooms. I somehow managed to whittle it down to a few special items. This is an inventory of what I purchased, but stay tuned for future posts and follow me on Instagram to see how I style these items. All photographs were taken by my brother, Cassius Vasquez. Isn’t he a great photographer? 🙂

glitter brains


blue and white striped button shirt

  • STRIPED BUTTON DOWN — This was one of the first to go in my “definitely” pile. It works as a cardigan, opened up and over another shirt, but it looks just as good when buttoned all the way up to the collar and tucked in. You can even wear it with a sweater over it and have the collar poking out. Basically what I’m saying is there is no wrong way to wear this.

vintage winlit black leather jacket

  • VINTAGE BLACK LEATHER JACKET — I did some research based on the tag, and apparently this is a real leather jacket from a brand that I’ve never heard of called “Winlit.” It has a houndstooth pattern on the inside, which I like. It’s great as is, but I think it would look really nice with some embellishments on it. I could do something on the collar or on the back of it. We’ll see what I decide!

soft white turtleneck sweater

  • SOFT WHITE TURTLENECK — I like this sweater because it’s a little bit preppy. This, as well as the rest of the tops I found, are perfect for the fall weather that has been creeping up on us. This may be the first year that I’ve actually shopped in preparation of the seasons changing. Am I becoming an adult?

glitter brains


velvet spaghetti strap dress

  • VELVET SPAGHETTI STRAP DRESS — This dress isn’t especially striking when it’s on the rack, but it spoke to me. It looks much better on my body because it hugs certain curves, and it’s minimalist and sexy: two words which I feel define 90s style. I want to pair this dress with some black tights, black heels and a bun. Dark lipstick, of course. 😉

velvet black mini skirt with slit

  • VELVET MINI SKIRT — Speaking of my current obsession with 90s-inspired fashion, I snagged this velvet mini-skirt that is originally from The Gap. I find it to be very Buffy Summers, especially in the earlier seasons when she channeled a decidedly Nancy Drew vibe into her fabulous, 90s agenda.

thick and warm velvet black maxi skirt

  • MY DREAM MAXI SKIRT — This is, by far, the warmest maxi skirt I have ever worn. It’s a thick, velvet material on the outside, and on the inside it’s a sort of windbreaker material. I think this would protect my legs against the bitter cold we’ll be facing this fall and winter, especially if I wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath.

glitter brains


silver slingbacks and black low heel pumps

  • SILVER SLINGBACKS — I’ve been wanting a pair of slingbacks for a little bit now, and these ones are especially great because they’ve got some plastic see-through bits that make them really fun.
  • BLACK LOW HEEL PUMPS — Choosing which shoes to get was definitely the hardest choice for me to make, because I have a special lust for thrift store shoes. This picture is proof of just how much I lost my mind in the shoe (and bag) section. The slingbacks were a shoe-in (ehheh hehehehe), and then I eventually settled on some basic black low heel pumps with a flashy golden heel.

glitter brains


black patent purse and clear handbag

  • BLACK PATENT HANDBAG — This black patent handbag reminds me of something my 9-year-old self would have loved to wear to church or somewhere equally as fancy. My roommate felt it was very “Clueless” when I showed it to her.
  • CLEAR HANDBAG — This clear handbag is a trend I’ve seen popping up more and more since this summer. I’m so happy to say that this bag was only $1, you guys. It came with an ugly brown insert which I took out. It goes to show — it pays to have vision when you’re shopping in a thrift store!

brown leather shoulder bag

  • BROWN LEATHER SHOULDER BAG — This is my new everyday purse. I really like the mid-length strap, and that it looks small when I’m wearing it. The middle compartment is surprisingly deep and easily holds everything I would need throughout a regular day, and it has two extra zipper pockets as well. I am a little bit of a bag lady, and I carry tons of things in my purse — lotion, face wipes, mirror, notebook, wallet, deodorant, etc. so this is perfect for me.

glitter brains


gold jewelry thrift store

thick gold chain necklace

  • HEAVY GOLD CHAIN —  I almost missed this! I saw it at the very last minute before I checked out. It calls to mind the hip hop culture of the 90s, in the vein of something Run DMC might wear. It will definitely add sass to any outfit I wear, which leads me to another thrifting tip: don’t go to check out before you’ve been to EVERY section. You never know what you may miss.

huge gold ring and little heart gold rings

  • GOLD RINGS — Clearly, I love gold jewelry. I honed in on this huge, gold ring as soon as the old lady took the jewelry display out from under the glass counter. I also bought two simple rings with small heart shapes on them. I can use these when I want to layer rings, or I can use one by itself as a very simple accent to an outfit.

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  1. I can tell you’re getting better at blogging. You know what to say in a short sentences that are enjoyable to read. (ehheh hehehehe)

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