royals contemporary dance choreography

top 5 choreography videos to “royals” by lorde

Because my bones have been craving a dance class lately, here are some choreography videos to “Royals” by Lorde. I instantly liked this song, and not only because it’s insanely catchy. I knew that this is what would come of it in the dance world, because it’s got a sound that could go with a lot of different styles of dance. These videos I’m obsessed with are mostly contemporary or hip-hop, go figure.

This one is my favorite! YouTube commenters seem to love the girl in the pink shorts, but I’m championing the girl to her right in the light pink/white top. I feel like even though she stumbles on choreography at one point, there is a different quality to her moves that I really like.

glitter brains

This choreography looks like it would be fun to learn, but I do wish that the dancers had a little bit more energy in performing it. My favorite is the guy in the middle, who I assume is also the choreographer.

I like how there are only four women in this video, yet they play so much with formations and such. This is the type of choreography I love because I think it’s so smart, and it’s most similar to what I like to do with my team’s choreography when we’re in the creating stages.

I love this! It’s not a perfect performance, but good golly if it ain’t cute! This (and the other hip hop video) is very lyrical, and I’m liking the detached vibe of it all. Hip hop choreography doesn’t always have to be scary and hyped up — although that’s fine by me, too.

Someday I will be able to keep up with choreography like this. 😥


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