Fall Fashion Wish List 2013

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Jackets and Coats Fall 2013

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First: “Coats and Jackets and Sweaters — Oh my!”

I’m not one of those girls who is #FallingForFall or whatever because it means scarves and pumpkin spice lattes and boots. I only think of fall in terms of being “pre-winter.” I am that girl in the corner who is upset she can’t survive all year in tank tops and shorts. However, since weather dictates….These are the least offensive coats I could find.

The Jealous Lover jacket by Obey is my favorite, by far. A bomber with a hood????? YES. PLEASE. & Special shout out to H&M for that classy outerwear.

Fall Fashion Wish List 2013

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Second: “Lower Body Stuff”

I know the whole argument against women wearing leggings as pants. I get it. But whoever started that crusade needs to realize that leggings are extremely comfy, less gross looking than sweats, and come in all kinds of cute patterns. I’m not into the super loud pairs of leggings I’ve been seeing around lately, but I can so deal with some stripes or an elegant gold design on my legs.

& I know that the snow season is about to start, and that Colorado almost drowned recently, but I still want these amazing gladiator heeled sandals because DUH. I feel like one Cher Horowitz (or, the more edgy Dionne) would rock them effortlessly, with a school girl skirt and some high knee socks.

Accessories Wish List Fall 2013

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Third: “Not Necessarily Clothing Items”

Statement necklaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they show no sign of going way. Which is just fine by me! I want as many chest-encompassing necklaces that I can get my hands on. Other random things I need are a vivid red nail polish and a shoulder bag. I like the cross-body trend that’s going on with purses, but I was born to be a bag lady. A little wallet attached to a chain just doesn’t do it for me unless I’m trying to hold my ID and phone at the club.

Out of curiosity, what is it that you guys are secretly lusting after? What things have been sitting on your wish list for a while now?


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