Pan fried garbanzo beans, baby spinach and tortilla

cajun chickpea wraps

Pan fried garbanzo beans, baby spinach and tortilla

This recipe is another result of my vegetarian experimentation in the kitchen. I’ve been curious about chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) for some time now, so I decided to see what kind of meal I could make out of them with what I had in the fridge.

What’s awesome about chickpeas is that they’re great for adding oomph to a meal without accruing the guilt that’s been creeping up on me lately when I cheat and eat meat. These beans are also high in protein/nutrients and low in fat, as well as being super versatile. Chickpeas can be used in salads, curried, roasted to make snacks, used in casseroles and soups and the list goes on.

I ended up pan frying my chickpeas and combining them with baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and warmed tortillas to make the most delicious wraps that have ever graced my palate. I used my own combination of spices to create my own “cajun” flavor, but you could also buy a pre-made package of cajun seasoning at your local grocery store. 🙂

  • chickpeas
  • paprika
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • cumin
  • garlic powder
  • red chili flakes
  • rosemary
  • marjoram
  • olive oil
  • butter

Drain and pat dry 1 can of chickpeas. Add cumin, paprika, garlic powder, red chili flakes, black pepper, rosemary and marjoram to chickpeas and mix until evenly coated.

Meanwhile, heat small amounts of olive oil and butter in pan. Arrange chickpeas in single layer, and let cook for 2 minutes before stirring.

Continue stirring every 30-40 seconds until browned; about 12 minutes. Remove from heat and toss in salt. 

  • white mushrooms
  • baby spinach
  • tortillas (or pita bread, or wraps, etc)
  • lemon pepper
  • soy sauce

Heat small amount of oil in pan. Slice mushrooms and sauté until they’ve darkened. Add just enough soy sauce, lemon pepper and paprika to taste. To assemble the wraps, warm the tortillas up and layer them with fresh baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and chickpeas.

Time: 20-25 min.
Serves: 2-3

Watch out! It can be a little messy keeping them together. I ripped my tortillas into smaller pieces to make them more manageable. I love the mushrooms because they have a similar texture to meat, which is something I almost miss more than the taste of meat…Almost.


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