awesome deep conditioning hair recipe

honey & coconut oil deep conditioner recipe

awesome deep conditioning hair recipe OK, so anyone who has dabbled their feet into the world of natural hair knows that moisture is a girl’s best friend. While I try my best to keep my hair as happy and as moisturized as possible, I am still but a mere college student. Between sorority shizz and homework and the weekly occasional night out at the bars, I have trouble always keeping up on my hair routine. Whenever my hair has turned to the texture of straw and begun to frizz a halo around the crown of my head (as pictured above), I know I’ve gone for far too long without giving my locks some love. I’m in search of the deep conditioner recipe that will be my “miracle mix.” So far I haven’t found it, but I’ve been having fun mixing and matching ingredients to see what the benefits are for my hair. This is a recipe that I heard about from my sister Kimberlee, who went natural a couple years ago and always has the most beautiful hairstyles. I already love coconut oil and honey for other reasons, so I figured why not see what the combination does to my hair? But first, why are coconut oil and honey so perfectly suited to bringing damaged hair back to life?

  • Coconut oil is great because it binds to the hair and prevents the loss of keratin (a protein that makes up the building blocks to our hair, nails and skin). This strengthens your hair, so it’s perfect for anyone who has a lot of breakage due to heat damage, or something else.
  • Honey is good for the hair because it is a humectant, meaning it retains moisture by pulling water out of the air. It’s also enriched with vitamins and minerals, which are important to hair growth.

deep conditioning recipe for natural hair

  • honey
  • coconut oil
  • small dish

Mix 2 parts coconut oil with 1 part honey (as much as is needed for your head of hair). Warm in microwave. Spread throughout hair, and feel a bit clueless for a moment (as pictured above). Should it feel this sticky? Cover with a plastic cap (or bag), and leave in anywhere from 20 min. — overnight. Wash out.


12 thoughts on “honey & coconut oil deep conditioner recipe

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    1. Do it!!! And tell me how you like it 🙂 I actually am starting to think that I like castor oil + coconut oil a little better. Blog post maybe soon to come?

  2. My hair is an effin mess right now. I’m deff trying this as soon as I get my paws on the both of these ingredients…. YOU’RE A SAVIOUR SWEETIE BEAR!!!

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