yasiin bey/mos def undergoes force-feeding procedures of guantanamo bay

mos def guantanamo bay

From The Guardian:

As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their protest. More than 40 of them are being force-fed. A leaked document sets out the military instructions, or standard operating procedure, for force-feeding detainees. In this four-minute film made by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), experiences the procedure.

I am so glad this video was made. I’ve been following the hunger strike and had read about the force-feeding procedures at Guantanamo Bay before, and this still shocked and disturbed me. What they are doing is so void of humanity.

You can see it in the video; It’s too much for him, and he can’t even go all the way through with it. And this is what 40+ are being put through on a daily basis by our own government.

Is this really happening? Is this the world we live in? Tonight marks the beginning of Ramadan for Muslims, a month of fasting from dawn until sunset, which is a religious rite that many of the force-fed prisoners are being denied.

We have the AUDACITY to boast ourselves as the best, most free and most democratic nation in the world. We can’t even hand out basic human rights, and it seems like barely anyone cares. Which is why I’m posting this here. Watch the video, and spread awareness.


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