High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Sinfully Cute Trends In Swimwear This Summer

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

I know summer is almost halfway through, so I’m a little behind, but I am officially on the hunt for a new swimsuit. If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I will be visiting Sin City a.k.a Las Vegas in just a few weeks!

The only problem is that I’ve been wearing the same two swimsuits for years now (yeesh!), and it’s time for a major upgrade. I searched on a few different sites, but apparently I’m really picky and only like Urban Outfitters swimsuits. Trends I noticed while hunting for suits were a lot of mixed patterns, high waisted bikini bottoms, bows and one-pieces/monokinis.

cute swimsuits

I’m really inspired by the mixing and matching of patterns and the high waisted bikini bottoms, because I feel like I can see how street style has inspired that. High waisted bikini bottoms, I hope you stay trendy forever! The retro, pin-up look is a lot sexier than your average bikini anyway.


2 thoughts on “Sinfully Cute Trends In Swimwear This Summer

  1. I love boys in short, shorts. I feel like any decent designer has produced some very acceptable short, short designs in a “cruise” line, at some point. I don’t have any examples of them off the top of my head because they are pretty basic, but I’d say about rugby length is sexy by the pool. I also love sculpted, one piece suits, on women. Or, a nice two piece, with some metallic hardware and a FLAWLESS cover up. In my eyes, the cover up makes the suit. Something about watching all the straight guys, breaking their necks in anticipation of the reveal of the full suit, makes my day. Also, some flowing, light fabric, by the pool, on a nice day, with a sun hat, and some BOMB stunnas… That’s just flawless.

    1. I’ve never been too into cover-ups (although I have a very cute neon pink/mesh one) but your description of why you like them has me changing my mind, lol.

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