Losing You | Solange

Solange Losing You still

I have been obsessed with this song and video for some weeks now! It is so funky and fresh and fun.

“Losing You” is the first single from Solange’s third album True, which was released earlier this year and is heavy on 80s synthesizer. Just the way I like it.

What I like about Solange is that despite having an older sister who “runs the world,” she still manages to be her own person. She is a (somewhat reluctant) poster child for the natural hair movement, DJs on the side, and she’s earned the title fashion icon with a glamorous and fearless sense of style. I think Beyonce is a showstopper for a reason, but we’ve all been sleeping on Solange. Until now, that is.

It seems like she’s finally come into her own as an artist and has a clear sense of what she wants to put out. It’s very personal, which I think sets her apart from her ultra-marketable older sister.

Solange Knowles // Field Day
Solange Knowles // Field Day (Photo credit: Braden F)

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