“Dirty Girls” | Michael Lucid

Today I want to share with you this awesome documentary made by a high school senior in the year 1996 called “Dirty Girls.” The video went viral a few months ago, when I first heard about it, and it’s stuck on my mind ever since.

The film centers on a group of eighth grade girls who have a reputation at their high school for not giving one fuck about appearance (while surrounded by Calvin Klein groupies), are rumored to never wash their hair and distribute their own feminist ‘zine. Basically, I wish I could go back and channel them during my high school years.

I think besides how incredible and full of wisdom these girls were around the age of 13 (when I was just finishing my Barbie phase…), the most striking aspect of this documentary is the reaction they elicit from the rest of the school. The older students laugh at them, call them names, question their hygiene practices and scoff at their insights about what it means to be a woman in this society. They question what two youngsters could possibly know about life, let alone womanhood. Why is that??

I think that whenever people are courageous enough to break the mold, the reaction from the rest of the “status quo” is fear and resentment. All the more reason to stand alone and be yourself, in my opinion.


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