My trusty steed.

Coconut Oil Face Moisturizer

My trusty steed.  My trusty steed.

Welcome to Part 3 of a series on natural beauty products that you can find in your kitchen! We’re all raised to think that in order to have a clean face, we need to have the most expensive and abrasive products on the market. Not so, dear friends. Here are a few ways you can take care of your face in a healthy and loving way…

On more than one occasion, I’ve had people come out of my bathroom after using it and ask me why I have coconut oil on my counter right next to all of my other beauty products. I know people are more familiar with the health benefits of using coconut oil to cook with, but what about all the amazing things it can do for our hair and skin?

On my skin, I use coconut oil as a moisturizer. You don’t need very much in order for it to take effect because the skin is really able to soak it up, and the coconut oil works from underneath to leave the skin feeling like velvet. My brother, who has had eczema since we were kids, used it on his face and was amazed at how soft it was after just two days. Coconut oil is also an effective eye make-up remover.

If you want to try it out for yourself, it can be found in the baking section of almost any grocery store for under $10. As with any natural beauty product, the organic and unrefined brands are the best to go for (but in my opinion, the refined products still work). Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, but don’t be frightened! It warms to the touch, so just scoop a little out and rub it between your fingers to turn it into a liquid.

I’ve also been using coconut oil for my hair, as a part of my deep conditioning process. I apply it to my dry and dirty hair from root to tip, and I wait anywhere from three hours to overnight before I wash it out in the shower. My hair is much smoother than with anything else I’ve used, and that smooth feeling lasts for an overall longer time. I might trying add honey to see what that does! xx

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