Yummy (maybe) edible cinnamon honey mask

DIY Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

Yummy  (maybe) edible cinnamon honey mask

Welcome to Part 1 of a series on natural beauty products that you can find in your kitchen! We’re all raised to think that in order to have a clean face, we need to have the most expensive and abrasive products on the market. Not so, dear friends. Here are a few ways you can take care of your face in a healthy and loving way…

Recently, I misplaced a bottle of face wash within days of purchasing it. Not wanting to buy another bottle, I decided to look for ways to amp up my gentle honey masks. I had already been using honey masks regularly because I like how they leave my face feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but they weren’t strong enough to keep my face completely clean on their own. So I figured I would see what cinnamon adds to the mix.

Holy cow, is it awesome! First of all, it tastes really good if it melts and accidentally gets into your mouth. Second of all, the cinnamon has exfoliating qualities and it releases a chemical compound that reduces inflammation.  I wash my face with a gentle cleanser on days when I can’t do my mask, but my face can always tell the difference. It feels like store bought cleansers only barely hold back the waves of acne lurking beneath my skin, but the cinnamon honey mask really penetrates down to the problem. I don’t go for more than 3 days max without my cinnamon honey mask. Here’s how you make it:

  • small dish
  • ground cinnamon
  • honey (organic, unrefined being the best)
  • wash cloth

Making a cinnamon honey mask

Using 2 parts honey and 1 part cinnamon, mix in a small bowl.

When it’s mixed properly,  it should look something like chocolate sauce in color and in consistency. How dark it becomes depends on how much cinnamon you add, which is something you will learn to gauge as you do these masks more often.

I use my fingers to apply the mask after I’ve washed away the dirt and make up that’s been on my face all day. How long you leave it on is entirely up to you — I try to watch a full episode of my one of my favorite shows before washing it off (about 45 min – 1 hr), but if I’m in a rush then 10-15 minutes is long enough.

To wash it off, dampen a wash cloth and wipe face clean.

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