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Restaurant Review | Cafe Panache


My boyfriend and I live an hour apart. Given that we only see each other on the weekends, we value our time together – even when that means we end up doing almost nothing but lay in bed and watch Netflix all day. While I feel there is nothing wrong with this budding mutual addiction of ours, lately we’ve been looking to branch out. Plus season two of American Horror Story isn’t up yet.

Last weekend we ventured to Cafe Panache, a crepe place on 10th street in Greeley. I remember this place opening a while ago, and I even remember trying to check it out two or three times. I eventually gave up because it was always closed when I arrived. My bad! Cafe Panache is only open until 2 p.m. on most days, so that would be the reason for that.

Crepe Special Street Sign

I’m glad I gave it a fourth chance because, confusion concerning operating hours aside, it is the sort of place that is right up my alley. We had brunch when we went, which is probably the most popular time of day for this place, but Cafe Panache does stay open until 10 p.m. on Fridays. I imagine that special closing time is to accommodate college students looking for a place to unwind at the end of the week.

The two main descriptors that come to mind when I think “Cafe Panache” are kitsch and Parisian. I can’t say for certain if it actually manages to capture the feel of a Parisian crepe cafe or not. Do those even exist? Or is that some asinine stereotype we Americans have about Parisians sitting around drinking coffee and eating crepes all day?

Regardless, Cafe Panache meets its customers with friendly service and an abundance of charm.



Glass bottles and soup

Crepe Lunch Devoured

Gabriel and I ordered a rosemary-chicken-fontina crepe (for me), a pear-walnut-bleu crepe (for him), a bowl of soup, a ginger ale, and a coke. Mine was delicious. Is it weird to say something tastes “classy”? I generally like to rip into hearty food loaded with spices, but this was a more delicate blend of flavors for sure. I could dig on that.

Cafe Panache is filled to the brim with what can only be described as kitsch.

Every which way I looked, I found a cute little thing to feast my eyes on. There was a feel to the decor that reminded me of my garage-saling days, probably because I am delighted by the obnoxiously cute in life. The decorated, just for the sake of being decorated type things. I love that once these cutesy things are made, they eventually go out of style and become seen as “garish” or “flashy” or “tasteless” or you know. Whatever you want to call these amazing little slices of life.

Kitsch Doll Tissue Dispenser

Wall art and street lamps

Napkin station at crepe place

Beautifully decorated sink

Graffitti on the walls

Perfect spot for a Valentine’s Day date? Maybe. Or, maybe the perfect spot for a Just Anytime date. For a full menu of what Cafe Panache has to offer, besides a visual smorgasbord fit for a king, follow this link ————~>

Spiked thrift store bracelet

After brunch we explored a little bit of the downtown Greeley area and happened upon a thrift store that had a half-off sale that day. I purchased this amazing bracelet, for $5.

Have you ever been to Cafe Panache? Is there a local business near you that you’ve been meaning to try out? ♡


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review | Cafe Panache

    1. Haha, I don’t think it’s creepy 😦 I think it’s awesome! Why don’t we have more weird doll heads in our world?!

      Tell me if you find a cool crepe place in NY 😉

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