Black style blogger collage outfits

outfit roundup

Black style blogger collage outfits

These are some outfits I wore in the second half of 2014. I’ve decided to share my outfits in roundups rather than individual posts from now on because I feel like it gives a better idea of what my personal style is, rather than just a single photograph at a time. IDK. That’s my logic, and I’m sticking to it. These were some of my favorites from the past few months. Shout out to buns, velvet and things that aren’t pants. You made this all possible.

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A Goodbye Letter to Greeley

a goodbye to greeley

A Goodbye Letter to Greeley

Preface: I was born in Los Angeles, California. I lived in southern California for the majority of my formative years, until I was 9 years old and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. My only experiences before moving to Colorado were in very large super-cities filled with some degree of diversity, swap meets and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. …I think I just invented the term “super-city.”

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renee sophia marino

Renee Interview Header

Renee Sophia Marino is my boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend. Haha. We’ve known each other for a couple years now, and I’m always in love with what she is wearing. No shit, I have gushed over what she has worn on the way to the bathroom on an early hungover Sunday morning before. I’ve always been interested in people who can catch my eye with their personal style, because I have a fairly particular taste. I’ve wanted her to be the subject of my first street style interview post for a long time, so I finally sat down with Renee to talk about style, life and inspiration. These are excerpts from that conversation, edited for clarity and flow…

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guide to thrifting

7 tips + tricks for thrifting

guide to thrifting

#1 Dress appropriately.

Today isn’t the day to be cute in a Mary-Kate Olsen kind of way. This is the day to slide in and out of potential additions to your wardrobe quickly, so you don’t hog the dressing room — because you will hog the dressing room. I generally go thrift shopping in tights, dresses and flip-flops. A basic pair of shorts and a tank with ballet flats works, too.

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the sexy lips of patriarchy

unraveling patriarchy, misogyny and other scary words

the sexy lips of patriarchy

I care about women, but lately I feel like expressing and acting like I care about women is tantamount to a criminal

 I don’t know how many times I have been in the middle of a friendly conversation at a party or a bar, only to have to have it come to a complete halt.

 The otherwise agreeable person I’m speaking to will completely turn on me as soon as I utter the word feminist. It’s as if I’ve suddenly sprouted a third, viciously annoying head that needs to be put in its place. Every word I say from that moment forward is being searched for some kind of chink in my feminist armor, some way to trip me up and expose me as the man-hater I am.

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Metallic bodysuit, pencil skirt

style in review: january—june 2014

OK, so I realize that the last time I made a personal style post it was almost Christmas. Of last year. That’s because right after making that post, I started my position as the news editor at my campus newspaper and that was really crazy for a lot of reasons I won’t go into. I kept expecting my workload to let up at some point, but it never did. I thought I might find a rhythm, but that never happened either.

Um and then I applied to become editor-in-chief (and got it!), and my whole life exploded. Needless to say, blogging was about the last thing on my mind. Here are some of the clothes I wore from January-June of this year. haha.

Crop tops, stripes and flannel

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flexible yoga pose

lessons hospital rooms have taught me

lessons hospital rooms have taught me

Lesson #1: Keep your eyes closed. 

I am awake. I can hear fluorescent lights humming above me. Even if I did have the energy to open my eyes – which I don’t – they would burn from how bright it is in this tiny little room. So I keep them closed. My roommates whisper softly about me in the corner. They are discussing which of them should stay here and which should let my boss know I won’t be coming in for the next two weeks. I shift slightly and feel the hospital-issued barf bag crumple next to me. The movement releases the smell of my stomach bile, which is the astonishing color of a green highlighter. Continue reading “lessons hospital rooms have taught me”